Let's Sing!



Chanting mantras affects your body, your mind and your soul. It is a form of meditation in which we go "beyond thinking" and that ensures that you get peace of mind and experience relaxation. 

During a full moon, both our positive emotions and negative emotions are magnified. That spiritual energy is very powerful, so it is recommended to receive this energy consciously, at rest. So full moon meditation is highly recommended.



"It was great. I slept very deeply afterwards and I cleaned my apartment in a very short time. A lot of energy. And usually I don't like the feeling of full moon. I found the singing very stimulating. I was completely absorbed in it! Kind of trance-like, but not really."


"The full moon mantra was a very special experience. Singing from your conscious self in connection with others. Beautiful mantras and ditto music. Lotte mantra amrita accompanies the group with a natural, cordial and authentic attitude. Afterwards, the warm glow of the singing together long after. It's also nice to be able to take the mantras home with you. They have become part of my spontaneous humming repertoire. I look forward to the next time."


"I can't sing !"

You're more than welcome!

Dates full moon mantra circles:

  • Friday 19 november 2021

  • Friday 14 january 2022

  • Wednesday 16 feb 2022


Whether you're coming for the first time, or you came to sing before, you're welcome just the way you are and the way you sound. You do not need to know the mantras.

Want to join?

Please Send me a message & transfer the amount of 20 euros to the following account number: BE27 0018 3177 4773 in the name of STEMKRACHT with mention of: NAME + Mantra circle + Date Mantra circle.


The mantra circle starts at 19h40, you are welcome at 19h30 in the stationsstraat 60 in Pelt 3910 (Neerpelt).
You can just open the heavy white door by pushing it when you arrive, so you don't have to ring the bell.


Please provide the following items for yourself:

- yoga mat or sheepskin

- cushion to sit on

- mug or drinking cup to drink tea from

- it is nice to wear clothes in which you can move freely

- if desired a blanket to turn around you.


We will close the circle between 9:15 PM and 9:30 PM.



You are so very welcome

Thanks for Joining